Modular Buildings - How do they fit into the Home Construction Industry?

modular building construction, prefabricated building system, factory engineered


What is a modular building and how does a modular building fit into the Home Construction Industry?

Modular construction is a process in which a majority (or portion) of the building is fabricated off-site under factory controlled conditions. The building is manufactured in pieces called "modules" that each include completed structure, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, furniture, fixtures, & equipment, and exterior and interior finishes.

Modular building is becoming more common in construction projects worldwide as developers seek the speed-to-market and consistent quality they can offer. It maybe the time for modular to shine in accommodation construction.

What are the benefits?


• shorter construction time (up to 50%)

• greater degree of predictability in cost and better quality in a factory controlled environment

• reduced material waste

• reduced carbon emissions due to trans­portation to and from site associated with on-site construction

• reduced site disturbance

• an increase of safety and security of laborers and trade equipment

Supporters of modular homes advocate them as a modern, energy efficient and cost saving alternative to traditional building styles.

How popular are modular buildings?

Popular in larger developments such as hotels, student accommodation, hospitals and flats; modular buildings are now becoming the preferred choice for self-builders too.