The Versatility of Modular Building

Prefabricated Modular building

The number and frequency of building, renovation, and interior design documentary programmes on TV these days have nearly reached “foody” programmes proportions. Tiny Homes, George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, Grand Designs and many more of these types of shows are proving to be very popular.

There are good reasons for this.

An inspiring element of the DIY public have taken it upon themselves to demonstrate their true creativity, with minimal budgets, and produce some amazing remodeled homes or spaces. Most projects are focused around reusing existing structures and utilizing space very cleverly.

Prefabricated modular structures, SPACEPAC, with well-designed and furnished interiors, are ideal for creating such accommodation which is practical and quite comfortable. Whether situated in your garden at home or a vacant piece of land or on top of an existing building, SPACEPAC flat packed, prefabricated modular containers are the perfect solution for additional space.

How many of you have invested in a piece of land at the coast or in the mountains with a genuine intention of one day erecting a holiday home for your annual or weekend retreat? SPACEPAC, prefabricated, flat-packed modular containers, is a solution that can bring that dream to fruition at a minimal cost and without the hassle of “troops” of contractors absorbing every spare moment of your time.

Think about it. 90% of the build is in a factory where quality and waste management are an integral part of the fabrication process. It is rapidly delivered to your site by lorry, offloaded and with a small, well trained erection crew, erected in days, size depending. No disruption of the ecology of the area or to existing neighbours. SPACEPAC, prefabricated, flat-packed modular containers >  job done.